Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where is Sarah McCheney?

Seems like JohnMcSameMcBushIII© picked a running mate that exactly matches the current occupant of that position.

She lies, she stonewalls, she has the big DC lawyers come to her rescue in Alaska, oh and she lies, and now? She's nowhere to be seen or heard from..

What's going on? She has canceled her appearance - well someone has canceled them.. Why is she in hiding? Or what is she hiding this time around?

Interesting - maybe she's getting a cram course in history and geography - or maybe she's being outfitted with a non detectable audio device so she knows what to say in her debate with Biden?

Whatever the reason - you know it will be yet another lie [R's just can't help themselves] - like a thunderstorm?

Good grief - if she is afraid of rain or thunder how can she deal with real people who might disagree with her?

My guess? She's off the ticket and they will say "family matters" came up and now we have MR x,y, or z...and how will that play to the women who thought she was a great addition to a flailing campaign? Or is the lobbyist brain trust looking at other more competent women - who forever will be seen as first loser! [my son's terminology for those teams who lose world series or super bowls]

I love politics - it's such fun right now :-)

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